Started in 2006, driven by a passion for detail and a tradition of excellence in design and architecture in the building business, a company’s reputation is made by the quality a developer puts into each home and commercial development and how these homes and commercial development pass the test of time. For MSA creating long-term value is fundamental business strategy. Laying the foundation with excellence today, MSA construction management controls all aspects of the property development process including:

With a decade plus of construction and realty expertise, a precise level of design and craftsmanship is evident in all the homes and commercial developments that MSA builds. To create a product with long-term value, it is imperative to understand a customer’s wants and needs. With ongoing market research, MSA is able to provide a product that is both innovative and functional. We have a dedicated team of highly qualified Architects, Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Supervisors etc.

From custom homes to high design & more functional commercial buildings, we will exceed your expectations. You will experience our commitment to excellence and customer service from your very first visit through the completion of your dream space. Today MSA is one of Bangalore’s premier new home and commercial builders with a reputation for providing architectural innovation, superior quality and courteous customer service.

We always seek to ensure that we attain our performance rules with Honesty and Integrity. Our Goal at MSA is to build strong partnerships with customers. And we thank you for your continuous support in making MSA the successful company it is today.

If you want to know more about our team, our ongoing projects, or for commercial/residential realty requirements, please contact us at Email: Tel: + 91-9731118098.

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