Mohammed Saad Ahmed has received his B.E in Computer science engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University located in Karnataka, India circa 2006. During this time, Bangalore was going through a substantial developmental period; there was an apparent need for real estate development and IT services with many multinational and start-up companies setting their offices in this area. The demand for companies that could meet their construction with IT services requirements increased. Seeing an opportunity arise, Mr. Ahmed decided to pursue this fruitful venture. With his Computer Science degree and his passion for construction, he invested both his time and energy into building and selling infrastructure. Mr. Ahmed’s mandate remains to conceptualize and implement a scalable business strategy and provide overall leadership to his business.

Every service offered by MSA Enterprise is spearheaded by best in class individuals with adept capacity. The MSA Enterprise’s in-house team comprises of certified and highly qualified architects, engineers, IT professionals, MBAs, and a lawyer.


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